Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Our Tiered Services



We go deeper.

DEI is often an umbrella term, or buzzword, in today’s corporate world. Here at Talent Vision, we are a team of individuals comprised of many intersecting identities: Black, women, men, gender non-conforming, queer, neurodivergent, and more.

We know that diversity, equity, and inclusion have to do with more than representation of people from marginalized identities, but how an organization embraces individuals and groups from different backgrounds.

Our work is rooted in an understanding and deep study of the historical conditions that created systems, structures, policies, laws, and social categorizations based on racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and other non-justice oriented principles that have divided us for centuries.

Today, organizations are overwhelmed by the myriad options on how to become an anti-racist, social justice, and equity-focused organizations, and are often left wondering if there’s any one ‘right’ way on how to become a better ally.

This is what sets us apart: we work with organizations to figure out where you are on the ever-evolving continuum of anti-oppression development. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to becoming a more equitable organization or society. That’s why we provide four (4) differently tiered services that best fit your organization:

Tier 1: Race, Equity & Gender Foundations
Do you need a DEI training for your new hire orientation process that covers common social justice concepts, vocabulary, and history? Or a training for your current team that will foster learning and moving towards becoming a more equitable organization? Topics ranging from racial justice, gender justice, pronouns, and micro-aggressions are covered in this pre-recorded webinar our team designed for companies that have been looking for somewhere to start, but haven’t known how. You’ll walk away with basic strategies that will get these conversations going.

Tier 2 – Equitable Futures: Creating a Socially Conscious Culture
This offering is for organizations looking to go through a formal DEI audit process. We conduct a Culture Audit process in order to see where on the anti-oppression learning continuum your organization falls. After providing a report of findings, we provide a four-day intensive anti-oppression training that focuses on building social justice literacy, systems-thinking, and examining tenets of white dominant culture norms. With this grounding, the last day will focus on how to move towards building a more equitable, less hierarchical organization and systems, while also working through the complexities of navigating an anti-racist organization in the midst of a capitalist society.

Tier 3 – Equity Values Transformation 1.0
This tier offers the same components of tier 2, but with an additional scope. If your leadership team or board would like to receive 1:1 coaching with a personalized learning plan, this is for you. There is also an Internal Audit for all staff that entails completing a self-assessment of where one consumes their information via social media, media at large, friend groups, colleagues, and more. A guide with questions and answers for reflection is provided, with goals that help guide you to where you can keep evolving on the social justice continuum.

Tier 4 – Equity Values Transformation 2.0
This final tier is for those who plan to create long-term partnerships with Talent Vision and are already decided and committed to being an anti-oppression organization. Teams are encouraged to create accountability teams and agreements for feedback loops. There is monthly learning and curriculum, and also speaker events and storytelling series from relevant community activists, organizers and writers from various disciplines that focus on movement building and building restorative practices